Pell & Bales leads sector by launching code of conduct to raise standards in the industry

Our code of conduct, written in compliance with existing IOF and interim FRSB recommendations sets out clearly the ways in which we meet and exceed all current industry regulation. We are committed to improving the integrity of the fundraising industry by investing further in rigorous processes and internal controls and urge others to do the same.

At Pell & Bales we take precautions that many in the industry do not to ensure that existing donors and potential donors are treated with the utmost respect and most importantly that vulnerable people are protected.

Our code of conduct is divided into clear areas of focus which ensure that we continue to lead the industry in fundraising conduct:

  • Regulation, Compliance and Best Practice – adhering to all standards and guidelines, exceeding requirements to set industry best practice
  • People – we will always employ the best people who are passionate about fundraising, acting with humility, respect and empathy. We also pay the most in the sector to ensure we attract the best people and reward call quality as a metric
  • Training and Standards – we will always provide the best quality of training and development to ensure our staff meet and exceed industry standards
  • Supporters and Donors – treated with respect and safeguards in place to ensure vulnerable people are protected
  • Strategic Partnership Approach – working with our clients: helping them to deliver the highest quality sustainable fundraising in the sector

In addition to holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behaviour we also believe that our clients will want to sign up to our new code of conduct.  The industry and wider fundraising sector must improve its regulation and this cannot be done without the help and input of charities themselves.

We’d love to hear your feedback, if you’d like to discuss our code of conduct please email with ‘code of conduct’ in the subject header.

To download our full code of conduct click the link here : P&B Code of Conduct Issued 16th July 2015

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