Response to telephone fundraising press coverage

This morning P&B’s operations were subject to an article in The Sun covering telephone fundraising.

Despite the accusatory tone throughout the article it concludes “There is no suggestion Pell & Bales did anything illegal. Indeed, the company is scrupulous in instructing its employees to stick to acceptable practices”. We are deeply concerned about the way in which this article represents our employees and processes, taken out of context and portrayed with a cynically provocative spin. The fact that the Sun admits there is no wrongdoing on our part is testament to our training and coaching staff who are acknowledged in the industry for their excellent standards.    Pell & Bales refutes in the strongest possible terms any allegations or insinuations of wrongdoing; We work to guidelines set by the Institute of Fundraising’s Codes of Conduct and are a leading member of the Fundraising Standards Board.  We adhere to the IOF code and work to the standards of the TPS Assured scheme.

Pell & Bales is proud of its longstanding relationship with our clients and our track record in helping to raise money for some of the UK’s most worthy causes – over £1bn in the last 20 years. Our service provides a vital form of communication for charities and a key tool in keeping their supporters updated on campaigns and progress. Indeed we are in the process of driving proposals on regulatory changes to the sector which will root out inappropriate actions of the very few, which tarnish the good work carried out by the overwhelming majority.

The investment we make in training our people, treating donors fairly and ensuring compliance is adhered to, have validated our approach as the leading telephone fundraising agency in the industry with the highest quality standards. Pell & Bales is a sector leader in regulatory compliance and transparency and has a proven record of achieving the best results for our clients within these parameters. We take any attempt to tarnish this record very seriously and will be conducting a thorough review of options and potential legal recourse.

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