Ready..everyone together now…

It was great to see someone recently coin exactly what fundraisers across the sector have been trying to put into words for a while now.


“This is a fundraising office

Treasury of the voluntary sector

Engine room of the change charities bring to the world

Through this office we connect the people who want to change the world with the people whocan change it

We convert their ideals into the funding that allows charities to achieve their missions and visions

We underwrite charities’ successes and insure against their failures

Friend you are about to enter sacred ground

This is a fundraising office.”

       Ian Macquillan, Fundraising Manifesto, 11th April 2014


What we like most about Ian’s manifesto is that it applies to fundraisers of any type;  whether you work for a charity, as a telephone fundraiser or as a street fundraiser can relate to this and know you’re not ‘just a fundraiser‘ your ‘A FUNDRAISER‘, changing the world everyday – so be proud!