How to grab attention from supporters: Glaze your naked body in honey!

“Having a British accent in North America is like glazing your naked body in honey and running through a bears’ den. You’re going to get eaten by girls. If there’s one thing girls can’t get enough of, it’s the meat of an English boy. They’re like the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk.”

And that’s one of the reason we have so many Canadian clients – because their supporters love hearing from us with our sexy/cool/fascinating (delete as appropriate) British accent!

On average we see an uplift in response rates of 20-30% when we call from the UK when compared to the results our counter parts in Canada achieve. Partly because Pell & Bales fundraisers are some of if not the best telephone fundraisers in the world 😉 but also because of the accent thing. We’ve found little better than an interesting accent to break the ice and build the oh so important rapport at the beginning of a call. And good rapport has always led to good results…..

It’s just a shame our accent isn’t so powerful in all the English speaking countries we call into. Interestingly for example, our accent has little to no impact in Australia, where they barely raise an eyebrow when we call (the fact that most Australian call centre staff are UK travellers on a working permit definitely plays a role here).  We need to fall back on all our other fundraising super powers to stay ahead of the game here 😉


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