Happy Birthday Mobile Phone


The mobile phone has evolved greatly since that magic moment on 3rd April 1973 when the first phone call was made…and so has the way mobile is used to fundraise.

Mobile milestones;


The first real volume SMS response to a charity appeal happened in 2009 when we saw an explosion of text messages overnight in response to Save the Children’s ‘Gaza Ceasefire’ appeal. It was exciting times, and we were proud to be part of the first large scale SMS conversion campaign that followed. This set the blueprint for the many 2 stage SMS acquisition campaigns that are still so successful today.


2012 saw the introduction of Monthly SMS giving.  Across amazing platforms like Connected and  Mobilise we are now signing-up thousands of supporters to give in this flexible, engaging and donor friendly way – finally a viable alternative regular giving product to Direct Debit!

Since 2012 we’ve been tactically integrating SMS into our phone campaigns and donor journeys. A pre- call engagement message here and a ‘sorry we missed you’ message there, or maybe a ‘good luck’ message to event participants.

Today, 2014

One of our latest ventures is working with Clever Voice. These guys have created a piece of technology that can record a voice message which you can then text to a supporter. The result? A clever mix of SMS, Voicemail and inbound call handling that delivers a personalised voice message from a celebrity thanking you for your gift or asking you to donate.

And finally, only this week we have started an exciting campaign that will gather learning on the most appropriate ways to follow-up on the phenomenon that was the Facebook #nomakeupselfie explosion. Let’s hope there are more spontaneous, public led campaigns in the future enabled by the wonderful mobile phone– and that we can help charities be ready for action in that event!


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