Vote For Your Fundraising Superheroes!

Yay! We’ve been shortlisted twice in this year’s Partners in Fundraising Awards:  ‘Best Telephone Agency’ and to our delight ‘Most Committed Company to the Sector!’

We’re proud to have such a passionate, dedicated and hard working team here at Pell & Bales. Check out the Pell & Bales Fundraisers take on his Super Hero Colleagues…..


Remember to vote for your fundraising superheroes this year. Perhaps, if we’ve had the privilege of speaking directly with your supporters this year, or provided some valuable insight through our blogs and tweets, or even if you just love Jay Moon’s (aka London Pell & Bales Fundraiser) cartoon then maybe you’ll even vote for Pell & Bales – The Fundraising League!

vote here

PS. If you are not an IoF member you can always pass it on to someone who is 😉

#FundraisingHeroes #FundraisingLeague #PhonePower

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