Six words away from free money

once upon a time

Ernest Hemingway was once bet that he couldn’t tell a story in 6 words – he took that bet and won with this short sombre story…

 ‘For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn’

This summer RNIB asked staff to draw on their own life experiences and enter a six word story into their very own storytelling competition – ‘keep calm and carry on storytelling.’ I was proud to be asked to help judge the winning entries. Here are my top five;

  1. Sight lost, RNIB found, future reclaimed!
  2. I never saw ‘till I couldn’t.
  3. Helping people see those who can’t.
  4. Slight sight gives you insight.
  5. Two kidneys. One brother, one each

What’s your story (your’s, your beneficiaries or your charities)? Can you sum it up in six words? If so tweet us your story to win a donation for a charity of your choice! Best story and winner to be announced this Friday!

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