‘Thank you – We Got It!’

Recently, Amnesty International gave me an experience (as a supporter) which has reinforced the way in which I think we should be talking to supporters.   It was a beautiful example of great  donor stewardship.

Firstly, it was based on a simple premise.   On the eve of their vote to finally create an Arms Trade treaty, the campaign encouraged me to just send simple emails in support of Amnesty’s lobbying of the UN General Assembly.

Amnesty made it easy for me to do this.  All I had to do was enter my name, mobile number and click send –  then they acknowledged my action immediately.   I received an instant bounce-back telling me my emails had gone and that the swell of support for this campaign was growing fast.

Get others involved.   I was then encouraged to forward the campaign email onto my friends, family, workmates – or anyone who I thought might want to get involved.  I felt good about doing this because I was joining Amnesty to help them with what they’re already fantastic at doing– mobilising opinion & inspiring others.

Kept me updated on progress.   I was sent SMS messages to my mobile  phone, updating me that Amnesty had received an overwhelming response and they were increasingly hopeful of success-  keeping me involved at every stage of the campaign.

Finally the day of the vote arrived.  What would happen?  Had we been able to make a difference?  I received an email that evening at 7:02pm.


‘Thank You We Got it!’ Five little words that had one big impact on my engagement with the charity!

A historic agreement that I helped to make happen.  Amnesty had made sure I understood that and crucially, they made me feel good about myself.

Not only did it inspire and motivate me to give again and again, but, more strongly than ever, it made me feel that I can and do make a difference every day by giving to this wonderful cause –  reminding me why I decided to support them in the first place!


One thought on “‘Thank you – We Got It!’

  1. I love the immediate feedback! Though I know for me, asking for my mobile would be an impediment. My email box is full enough – the last thing I want is more coming through to me via my phone! (Though I understand that may just be me).

    Great example with lots to teach us – thanks!

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