…Still trying to change the world

Thanks Paul for sharing your fuzzy feeling last week.

Paul shared the words of our founder Simon Pell on what drove him to set up Pell & Bales – inspirational stuff – and I’d like to think we are still driven by that same honesty, passion and a commitment to make the world a better place. We certainly try hard to keep our roots and sense of mission alive in everything we do.

When we started [Pell & Bales] we didn’t really have any marketing experience to speak of, and to be honest, we didn’t know that much about fundraising either.

We were basically campaigners and activists – members of CND, Greenpeace and the Labour Party who stumbled across a fabulous way of using a simple bit of technology – and the power of words, of persuasion – to raise money for causes we were deeply committed to. So we were campaigners who discovered the phone and a whole world of possibilities opened up.”   Simon Pell

We are still as amazed today by the power of the humble telephone as Simon was 20 odd years ago. And with technology evolving at an ever increasing pace, and the number of communication channels at our finger tips far greater than when Pell & Bales was founded (yes youngsters, back then we really did only have mail and the landline to communicate with our donors) I feel we are all are walking into the unknown, learning as we go along, just as Simon & Kevin were all those years ago. How exciting!

PS. I’ve shared a few fuzzy moments with Paul in my career. And while we’re being sentimental I’ll share another: I know this video will make Paul smile and like me he’ll never tire of watching it.

The video is amazing – a demonstration that it only takes one man to start a movement, one man to change the world.

Paul and I watched this together for the first time at an even more amazing session by the wonderful Bill Toliver at the IFC one year. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “…Still trying to change the world

  1. “Be the change you want to see in the World ” Mahatma Gandhi .. One man who started a movement that changed the world ..

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