How will your organisations epitaph read: ‘We kept charity overheads low’ or ‘We changed the world’?

I was so happy to see that TED have recently covered Dan Pallotta’s talk: The way we think about charity is dead wrong’ for millions to see.

Many of you will have heard Dan speak at the IFC in 2011 and like me you will relish the opportunity to see it again.  If you haven’t seen Dan talk on the subject before please do watch this video – it’s not short, its 18 minutes long, but it’s an absolute must for anyone that works for or supports charity.

Dan talks about what is holding us back from really changing the world – from homing every homeless person, eradicating poverty, curing disease and providing an education for all. He demonstrates it is our thinking that holds us back – we confuse morality with frugality.   Why do we ask ‘What percentage of my donation goes to the cause Vs overheads?’ and what instead if our bench mark was to ask about the scale of the organisations dream – their Apple, Google, Amazon scale dreams – and how will they measure progress towards that dream, and what do they need to realise them?

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