The simple truth about I Wish I Thought of That

Guest Blogger: Meena Sapal, Pell & Bales Account Director

Yesterday I went to the SOFII event “I wish I’d thought of that”

22 fantastic, insightful speakers talking about 22 killer fundraising ideas that had inspired them during their fundraising career. I won’t list the 22 ideas here or share my favourites, but I will summarise the themes that consistently came through. They’re not new  and they are words we have heard time and time again, but what a great reminder of what makes truly great fundraising


Be Honest,  Admit Failure, State the Reality

Be a voice for real people with real feelings, their Anger, their Despair, their Hope

Those qualified to give a true to life account of their own experience will deliver a truer, stronger and more powerful message. Your beneficiaries are the perfect people to do this for you, after all that is who your supporters give their money to

Genuine & Authentic

Be Relatable, Human, Accessable and have Integrity

Our proposition should do exactly what it says on the tin. Make it believable, authentic and genuine

Keep it Simple

Create timeless appeals

The clearest propositions, no frills creatives and simplest concepts are always the best

A Conversation starter

Make fundraising Fun. Make it Easy, Noticeable and Competitive

Movember is a brilliant case in point. No doubt everyone reading this will have heard of the event. Yet it is completely supporter-led. Mo Bro’s recruit Mo Bro’s and spread the word. Each Movember participant is a walking billboard, is a conversation starter for men’s health