Pell & Bales picks first 10 Charities to receive a FREE tele-fundraising campaign


Back in February we announced that we would run 21 free campaigns this year to celebrate our 21st year. After a wonderful response and some amazing applications we have now chosen the first 10 charities to support.

Avert; bibic; Breakthrough Breast Cancer; Beating Bowel Cancer; British Forces Foundation; Merlin; Royal London Society for the Blind; Breast Cancer Campaign; Tommy’s and UNICEF


And we can’t wait to get calling! Every pound we raise on these campaigns will feel that bit more special, knowing that these charities might not normally have the opportunity or the budget to undertake telephone fundraising.

The campaigns will be diverse, and hopefully the subject of many a future blog post and case study;

Event Fundraising

The phone is used increasingly more in event fundraising, and there were certainly many applications from events teams. From registration to post event, the phone will be added to the communication plan: Conversation will be used to increase registration rates, make support calls that will boost sponsorship values as well as good luck and thank you messages and to collect sponsorship money

Integrated Channel Campaigns

In most of the free campaigns the telephone will be partnered with mail, inbound and outbound SMS, email, social media or website optimisation. We wanted to offer the opportunity to run fully integrated campaigns, making the most of our new cross-channel CRM technology

Fundraising Disciplines

We have chosen a real mix of fundraising disciplines, from securing cash gifts, Direct Debit gifts, monthly giving through mobile phones, donor get donor initiatives and ‘stewardship’ or ‘loyalty’ calls

I estimate that from the 10 campaigns selected so far will raise as much as £300,000! …wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could raise £1million by the end of the year across the 21 campaigns? Now there’s a challenge!

Thank you to everyone that is involved in this project and the teams here for taking this on when they are so busy!

We will be sure to announce the opportunity to apply for one of the remaining 11 places later in the year and in the mean time keep you up to date with our fundraising


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