Pell & Bales offers 21 Free campaigns: apply now!

As part of our 21st birthday celebrations we will be running 21 campaigns to charities free of charge! Not only will you get the phone calls, but also the expert account management, planning, strategic advice, analysis, fundraiser training and post call fulfilment that we offer to all of our clients!

The story went to press earlier this week. To those that have applied already thank you for your inspiring stories, your passionate requests for support and some really great fundraising ideas. To those that haven’t yet applied I look forward to hearing from you soon!

We not only want to help 21 charities and their causes with this project. We want to create 21 examples of great, innovative fundraising that we can share with the sector. We will explore new ways of speaking to supporters, new fundraising techniques, products and platforms. What makes things even more exciting is that this project coincides with our recent investment in new technology: technology which allows us to integrate SMS, email and inbound calling with our traditional outbound calling system for the first time.

For those that have never used the phone, let us demonstrate why it is such a powerful channel: not just how it delivers some of the strongest, if not the strongest, response rates of all fundraising techniques, but also the incredible insight you can gain from speaking directly to hundreds of your donors. Simply tell us your fundraising challenge, opportunity or target audience and we will help design a campaign that best suits your needs.

For those with existing telephone programs, perhaps you are looking for something new and innovative. This is an opportunity to explore loyalty and stewardship calls, donor get donor, event fundraising, donor advocacy or how you might enhance your calling by integrating SMS, email or online.

Please apply directly to me via email, by Friday 16 March, providing details on why you would like to be involved and the type of telephone campaign that you may be interested in.

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