Pell & Bales Welcome Blog

Welcome to Pell & Bales: Conversations, Innovations, Insight.

For 21 years the biggest names in the sector have turned to us when they wanted to have conversations with their supporters.

Over the years charity supporters have said a lot and changed a lot – but, because what we do here is so personal and interactive, we’ve always been able to change with them and keep on talking about how we’ll make the world a better place.

Having one to one conversations with every kind of supporter (about every possible way of supporting) has given us a unique insight into how to inspire the action that makes and keeps a loyal donor. Now we’re going to share with you what we’ve learned through 3 million conversations a year with supporters.

You’ll be able to access real case studies, results, data analysis and direct supporter feedback from countless conversations. We’ll demonstrate the importance of data, segmentation, targeting, and how to integrate dialogue with your other channels. We’ll explore sector trends and donor behaviors both at home and abroad.

Plus we’ll be sharing new ways to inspire your supporters and fundraisers through compelling story telling techniques.

So that’s Pell & Bales: conversations, innovations, insight…